Official harassment of disabled youth delegation visit rural Haya

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Offered to a group of committee members voluntary area Allchaelib rural Come to the harassment of their officials in the local rejection of Chairman of the Committee Hdlol for names for reasons suffice to mention the official bodies .. and stressed that the visit on Friday will face some difficulties by the same actors and pointed out that this is the attitude of local government and said that preliminary information confirms that the local Haya would prevent the planned visit organized by the youth in the presence of district commissioner of the Commission Osman Baker Osman, who contented himself with hinting that a visit on Friday, the seventh day of July 2011 list according to the arrangements for administrative, civil and can not object to the preventing her from doing as they were associated with codes of civil commitment and the secretary of the Committee also noted Mohamed TaherOnur to the preparations under way for the delivery of some aids to our citizens in the region were interviewed Director of the Office of the Governor and demands which       we hope will in turn connect to the governor.
On the other hand suffered some harassment from members of the committee of official bodies in an attempt to inquire about the reason for a visit on Friday and feasibility next Friday contented himself with members of the committee with reference to social work in the interest of the citizens of Allchaelib


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