Report – the low level of human services in eastern Sudan and the marginalized citizens of the province by the government – Model Allchaelib area – Part I

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From the reality of the suffering of the Beja people of eastern Sudan

(Part I)

In a gesture of voluntary citizens of the Aderdab and its suburbs have been invited to visit by virtue of belonging to the tribe hadagy trip has the kind invitation without costing us and we moved from the city of Port Sudan, accompanied by a delegation of youth in the region.
When we arrived the area and when the market (allyi kleep) we were surprised to receive a large spearheaded by camels and knights and dignitaries region of the tribes (Alamirab .. and Hintirab .. and Alpied) in addition to my clan (hadagy trip) was a big reception does not suit me when I was an ordinary citizen there are those who represent them politically and operationally, and waged

my attention more than the power of the political discourse of others satisfied with the performance of local government in water services, education and health in the region through the words of welcome by a lot of bitterness .. I understand I should be to arrange my words and feeling of whine that sounds tired. We have confirmed speakers that what going through their areas of harsh conditions more precise features of endemic poverty, lack of essential services and the pressing of essential services in health, education and social welfare.
By virtue of my nature I understand the suffering of our people in the countryside as far as I understand the government’s role in rural development through the implementation mechanisms are still derived completion of their projects through the bureaucratic administrative least that offering promises particular area (allyi kleep) model for the wear and slack in the committees of jurisdiction, which is supposed to raise her from the reality of Let the case in rural and other rural areas of the state.

It was the age of development institutions and organizations,

governmental and non-governmental organizations and departments of the state of specialized service and other work for a long time in the areas of means and rural problems in addition to reporting on the civil registry and census and the electoral commission. It means providing information in accordance with art trends official to address the problems related to software development that are related to politically with the draft strategy of comprehensive national development plans and leave the place the Council of Ministers as indicators of interest in human beings .. in the near and the matter is that this region, which we considered to mess include administrative reports do not contain the facts is the circle which was won by the ruling party and its allies, most of the votes.
But what we found on the ground, contrary to the promise that the political powers centralized in the cities through its election manifesto, which carries with it the perfect absolute and spirit of humanity devoid of honesty ends with a range of selective end of the campaign has an audience that the region in the election period filled with stakeholder fill their mouths words of praise for the tribes and their messianic and so on.
Question about the services and its importance was over to talk of the long-Benny and mayors, who represent the tribes Alamirab and Alpied and hadagy and htrab that came to them a normal person is different from the others that it is hadagy and long by the time to visit family and kinship is what I was invited to meet the kind invitation which I know she will describe the political long- short of time or because it produced a unified demands for tribal groups allyi kleep and its suburbs in an attempt to change and liberation from the oppression of first drawing closer

Regrets when one finds students exceeding the percent with no teaching aids or less assumptions Arbor protect them from the conditions of nature or just try the officials of education to stand on the Problems of teacher and CCAMLR school buildings we have found our children young people between the ages of the sixth, fourteenth, while always in a state of instability the absence of a teacher on leave our children coercive conditions imposed by the CCAMLR management and educational institutions.
They show that the school is in the image below (image details speak for themselves) be described below this is the location of exposure to the bombing or the abandonment of its population to compelling circumstances
No one would expect that there would be a school and the morning parade, national anthem and the duty of a book and a teacher and a sign referring to.
But do not blame the teacher as much to blame us for the decision-makers differentiate between the two areas of deception and lying to the people of conscience, which is less compare them cheap and sells the receivables.
It is unreasonable calls for the government to fight poverty, education and the men can get in allyi kleep not unreasonable to let the President to marry and there is a collective of making poverty his entourage and the starvation of his people

The water and sources of suffering that region lack of water sources, which requires an effort of additional state government and local independence of existing wells and updated through the means of supply and storage, including animal and human, and we have observed human suffering from lack of water this is what summed up the Mayor Alnkdab words (need water) with the consensus of the audience on the need to deliver their voice to the government for them ..

Paradoxically, we found store (fodder) a special one officials to raise sheep as if one officials has stages and plenty of beef and another bird Domestic feed these animals and birds are so and choice, of feed and food saturated(Food protein-saturated)women and children Beja begging for a dose of water and a piece of bread on the way these national generate injustice and give birth to an illegitimate births to the Government of the broad and democratic transformation.


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