Social and humanitarian visit by the Committee of Youth Volunteers Allchaelib to the citizens of eastern Sudan, some local authorities object.

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Mohammed Hdlol Mohamed Ibrahim, Chairman of the Committee  (allykleep) and its environs that the visit of Commissioner Osman Baker Osman to the Allchaelib and its suburbs, has in its time specified accompanied by a considerable number of youth in the region living in the local Red Sea .. stressing that the journey of a social nature and a human to stand on the Problems of the citizens of the areas He pointed to the importance of the quality of these visits voluntary intended to detect the apparent lack of development and human resource development and to consider closely the role of the service of drinking water sources and the role of educational schools and Khalawi .. the other hand, was to deliver the demands to the relevant authorities at the top of the pyramid the executive state which promised to deliver the usual order of Mr. mohamad taher aila.

From his part, the Osman-Baqir efforts citizens Allchaelib and its suburbs in the perseverance and courage in understanding Qzaiaém and their legitimate demands and the inevitable and Askha of Msaliyn twin the move in solidarity area of ​​surprising among some Almrgevin and out of the will of the people adding that his visit on 8.7.2011 approved Friday were to fulfill promises and covenants In order to (the principle of the meeting) and Altfakr in the range of issues and Problems most important speed up Almzakrh demands put forward and to the state and wait until a decision or negatively answered, and the highest ceiling of such demands (the subject of drinking water (f) rehabilitation of school service integrated) and (health center) as agreed participants to expand the ream of popular participation in the Committee and determine the functions of the Commission in the framework of the concept (Beja) and not the tribe also said Othman al-Baqir to be going through areas Allchaelib and its suburbs from the oppression and marginalization of going through areas Beja other in Allaoulib, cannabis and South Tokar and North Tokar, stressing that some Almsaliyn politicians are working on some areas Kmqatat owned by them individually to provide services to them without the other this is what impedes the social fabric and create a lot of differences taking place in some areas, he noted that I crave those Responsible Executive for Food Policy for Education that the commissions of inquiry with regard to statistics and the results of this project and the methods distribution and controls, including the committees of the atom. in the same frame was limited to pupils, students, and ongoing emphasis on the number Aljqiqi located in the region and will be submitted to the Department of Education for the real survey.

For his part, Osman Baker Osman Ali Commissioner for Let’s review into the wisdom to these problems referring to circumvent the Committee for the local does not mean lack of appreciation but because we know they can not meet the great demands that exceed the size of the budget of the local approved in advance and not included in the plan of the new projects to link it Bakoignyn local and priorities.

The other hand, some quarters tried to block access to the youth delegation Allchaelib but the will of the young was stronger this is what the words of Mohammed Taher, secretary of the Committee and thank everyone for the warm reception at the end of the meeting attendees new covenant to stand behind the Commission

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